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Automatic and manual Sigma data backup


Which files can be backed up safely with an automatic/manual method.


Sigma (All)


Backing up a live Sigma system is not a recommend as copying ‘live open’ files can not guarantee the integrity of the data.


For either backup method (automatic or manual) those files which could be potentially 'open' by Windows should not be backed up unless the Sigma server and clients have been shut down. 

1. Those data locations that can be backup safely while the Sigma is running are those in which archive data is stored, namely;

a.  C:\Sigma\Data\ArchivedAlarms

b. C:\Sigma\Data\ArchivedLogs

c. C:\Sigma\Data\ArchivedTransactions

Removing the files from these locations should only be done as a space saving measure as Sigma can be configured to view these data files by the user.

2. For all other files the recommendation is to shut the system down (clients and server) before taking the backup.

3. Restoring data must only be performed after shutting down the system first.

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