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Automation Server CPU usage constantly on 100%


The Automation Server is constantly using 100% CPU causing a slow operation


Automation Server


Check which process is taken the CPU using Article #15545

Cause 1: The cause was found to be a Function Block Program which was corrupt in some way. When trying to edit, open properties or do anything with this Function Block Program Workstation just hang.

The root cause of the problem with the Function Block Program was never found.


Cause 2: Some schedules have more than one entry for the same time stamp (likely if the process "CScanner" is taken the CPU)


Solution 1: After deleting the particular Function Block Program (which took over 2 hours) the CPU usage was directly down to 20%.

Another solution for an AS with the same symptoms: After downloading a new database to the automation server and then restoring a backup the CPU usage went down to normal levels.


Solution 2: Check all schedules for duplicate entries, especially around the time where the CPU goes to 100%.


Also check out the AS CPU and Memory Loading Quick-Help video on the Exchange.

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