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Automation Server Time Format


Automation Server Time Format


SmartStruxure Automation Server


Schneider Electric Energy Online Query Tool requires log data collected to be in 24 hours time format. 


The Automation Server time display format (24 hours or 12 hours) is dependent on the settings of the computer where the client application is installed. In StruxureWare Building Operation, this would normally be the WorkStation software. If the computer which the Workstation software is installed is set for 24 hours time format, then the AS date and time, Trend charts etc. will display the time in 24 hours format.

The Query Tool documentation indicates that it gets data from the StruxureWare Building Operation server (in this case, an AS) and creates the required output format (CMEP, ERM or Vizelia). In this case, the Automation Server time format does not matter. It is the time format settings of the computer where the Query Tool is installed that matters. Ensure that the Query Tool computer time is in 24 hours format.

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