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Availability of SLC-82XX and SLC-83XX


Availability of SLC-82XX and SLC-83XX


Site with Single Loop Proportional Temperature Controller with Sensor


Obsolescence of the SLC-82XX and SLC-83XX


The SLC-82xx and/or SLC-83xx are obsolete. These are old analog technology controllers which have been obsolete since January 01, 2011 There is no replacement for these items. The only suggestion would be to do a complete re-control with digital equipment. To do this one of Schneider Electric's Partners would need to visit the site to see what is needed to control the space.

This would require new controllers, thermostats, actuators and other items. Since it is such a major re-control we do not have a single solution that will allow you to use some of the older equipment. Contact your Regional Manager in your area to provide a contact for the site upgrade. 

The manual for the SLC-82xx and SLC-83xx is available here.

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