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BACnet ReadProperty program produces "Cannot find the item" error when trying to save it.


When trying to save a simple InfinityProgram to map a third party BAcnet point, the error "Cannot find the item" is generated by the PE editor.


CyberStation ver. 1.81



When trying to save the simple looping InfinityProgram below the error "cannot find the item" (on the ReadProperty statement) is generated. The LeavingChWTemp is updating fine on the BACnet side. It's just not mapping to the Infinity side. 

Line 1
Goto Line 2

Line 2
If (TS > 1) Then Goto Line 1


ContinuumExplorer had two BACnet icons on the tree - one with all the BACnet controllers and points and one with no controllers and points.

  1. The "empty" one was renamed BacNet_1.
  2. CyberStation was restarted.
  3. The program saved correctly.

It appears that CyberStation was not referencing the correct BACnet instance and therefore Plain English could not resolve the path in the ReadProperty statement. Once the duplication was removed all worked fine.

Note: There should never be more than one BACnet icon in ContinuumExplorer. In the case it was not determined how this situation occurred.   

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