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BACnet Schedule does not change the bound Digital Value


BACnet Schedule does not change the Digital Value when the Value attribute of the DV is bound to the Schedule


StruxureWare Building Operation

BACnet controller B3xxx series.


When a user creates the BACnet Schedule object in the b3 controller, if the Default_Value attribute of the BACnet Schedule in the b3 is not configured, the schedule's default value is left as "NULL".  

And later on, when the Schedule turns to True, it sets the bound DV value to Active.

But when the Schedule turns to False, it tries to change the bound DV value to NULL (as it is the default value of the schedule),  which fails as it is not allowed to set the DV value to NULL. 

As a result, the bound DV value cannot be changed and it keeps its previous value "Active" without being able to change it any longer.


Set the Default Value attribute of the BACnet Schedule object from NULL to False as below:

- Right click the BACnet Schedule object in the b3 controller and select the Properties.

- In the Basic tab of the Properties window, scroll down all the way to the bottom and locate the Default Value attribute.

- Click the setup icon on the right side of the attribute, it pops the Default Value window.

- Uncheck the Null checkbox and confirm the Value now shows False.

- Click OK from the attribute window, verify the Default value is False now, click OK from the Properties window.

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