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BACnet Schedule goes into Fault and shows a value of "ConfigurationError" in its Reliability field.


After configuring a BACnet Schedule in a BCX or a b3 controller, it goes into Fault with its Reliability field showing "ConfigurationError".


  • CyberStation
  • WebClient
  • BCX40xx
  • b3
  • BACnet Schedule Object


Configuration of BACnet schedule

Incorrect point type used to configure BACnet schedule


For each object type within BACnet (input, numeric, trendlog, etc.) each object property identifier (property) has an associated data type.  A list of data types for the each property can be found in Chapter 12 of the BACnet spec under the section for each object type. 

The correct data type to configure in the schedule is determined by the Object property that is being controlled by the schedule object.  When using a schedule to control the value of a BinaryInput, BinaryOutput and BinaryValue objects, the Data Type that should be used is Enumerated.

When using a schedule to control the value of a AnalogInput, AnalogOutput and AnalogValue objects, the Data Type that should be used is Real.

When using a schedule to control the value of a MultiStateInput, MultiStateOutput and MultiStateValue objects, the Data Type that should be used is Unsigned Integer

The Schedule object can be tricky to configure, however. There are several properties (Weekly_Schedule, Exception_Schedule, Schedule_Default) that must contain the same data type for all events. Since Enumerated is the “default” data type, the user may need to manually remove any existing events with the Enumerated type and replace them with the desired data type.

If while configuring the schedule a message similar to the one above is displayed and accepted  all the events MUST be deleted otherwise a configuration error will result.

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