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BACnet Schedule goes into Fault and shows a value of "ConfigurationError" in its Reliability field.


After modifying a BACnet Schedule it goes into Fault with its Reliability field showing "ConfigurationError".


Continuum, BACnet Schedule Object


When a user logs into Continuum with a User that does not have view rights to the InfinityController object, the schedule object used is the Infinity Schedule instead of the expected BACnet Schedule. The Infinity Schedule uses Active/Inactive for its TimeValue entries instead of the default 1/0 that the BACnet Schedule object uses. When a value is set as Active/Inactive, the Schedule is unable to interpret this value and goes into fault. 


  1. Make sure that any User that needs to modify BACnet Schedules has view rights to the InfinityController object enabled.
  2. Remove all TimeValue Entries that are Active/Inactive, replace with valid entries, save Schedule.
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