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BACnet Service does not start after enabling BACnet IP on an UNC station.


BACnet Service does not start after enabling BACnet IP on a UNC station. The following error messages are seen in the UNC standard output. 

ERROR: Error initializing IP link layer. [IpLinkLayer.updateLocalAddress]
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: tridium/nre/Platform.getLocalHost()Ljava/net/InetAd

ERROR: Cannot startService [Sys: BACnetService [12] BACnetService]

ERROR: Run error [BTrprt]


I/A Series UNC running at version r2.301.5xx prior to version r2.301.535 with BACnet 2.305.535a.


Most I/A Series R2 Niagara JAR files are backward compatible. Refer to Lessons Learned article #7614 for details. 

There were some changes to the BACnet service IP to support the new JACE-603/645 platforms. Because of these changes to the R2 core, the BACnet 2.305.535a JAR file is not backward compatible. 


Upgrade the UNC to version r2.301.535. Refer to the Installation Instructions for upgrade procedure. 

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