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BACnet Setpoint Objects vs. Setpoint Priority Objects


Is there a limit to the number of read/writes available for a BACnet Setpoint object?


WorkPlace Tech versions 5.1 and later


Not applicable


The BACnet Setpoint object (analog or binary) is used for writing setpoint values to a controller, where it is stored in EEPROM. Observe normal precautions to avoid frequent writes to EEPROM. Excessive writes (typically greater than 100,000) can greatly shorten the life of the EEPROM and adversely affect its reliability.

The BACnet Setpoint Priority object (analog or binary) represents a Value BACnet object type, of which the data is read-write accessible. This object can be used to write data to the controller. The Setpoint Priority object provides access to temporarily stored application values, usually setpoints or setup values, that are stored in RAM.  These setpoint values can be monitored and changed via BACnet communications, using the BACnet priority array.  When written from WP Tech, the default value is written to the priority array “relinquish default” location. Only this default value is stored in EEPROM.

For more information, refer to the WorkPlace Tech Tool Engineering Guide Supplement (F-27356)

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