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BACnet alarm configured as Change of Value Event Type is not delivering an alarm when the alarm condition is met.


Change of Value alarm is configured to alarm when an analog value changes by certain value but does not produce an alarm when the monitored object changes by that amount.


Continuum Cyberstation




EventNotification or monitored object has not been configured properly.


There are a number of configuration reasons for these Change of Value alarms to seem like they are not being delivered to the Workstation.

Check the Current State tab of the EventEnrollment to see if the ToNormal time is changing when you modify your monitored object. If this time is not updating then the EventNotification or monitored object are not configured properly, check the following:

  1. Confirm that the BACnet object type in the monitored object is configured properly. If this numeric is a number then it needs to be set to "AnalogValue".
  2. Confirm that a "send to database" has been performed on this controller on the BACnet side to send these points to the BACnet side. See details here on how to create BACnet alarms.

If this time is changing then the EventNotification and monitored object are configured properly but the alarm is not being delivered to your Workstation. Check  that one or more of the following is the cause:

  1. The Change of Value alarm will generate a ReturnToNormal alarm, confirm that the EventNotification is configured to Send Return to Normal alarms - this option needs to be ticked under "Send".
  2. Confirm that the option to  remove the alarm from the active alarm list is configured so that the alarm is not removed as soon as it is delivered. A selection of Returned to Normal or Acknowledged OR Returned to Normal on the Deactivate tab will mean that the alarm is removed from the active alarm list as soon as it is delivered. Select any of the following Deactivate options for the alarms to show up in the alarm list: Acknowledged, Acknowledged AND Returned to Normal, or Acknowledged AFTER Returned to Normal.
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