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BACnet device won't take value from a Xenta 913


Write priority in XBuilder stops BACnet device from receiving a value from a Xenta 913


  • Xenta 913
  • BACnet


BACnet has a feature in the communication called write priority. This feature allows multiple devices to write to a single address and allow the receiving device know which value it should use.

By default the write priority in the Xenta 913 is "12". If you are trying to communicate with a BACnet device that uses a lower numerical write priority (higher logical priority) then the value being written to the BACnet device from the Xenta 913 will be ignored.

For example if trying to communicate with an Andover bCX1 controller you will want to use a write priority of "10".


  1. Find out the write priority of the BacNET device you are trying to communicate with
  2. Click on the BACnet MS-TP Master (or BACnet IP Client) in XBuilder
  3. Enter the write priority. 
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