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BACnet objects AVCOV and BVCOV show in fault (orange) when learned at the UNC.


I have noticed that sometimes when learning BACnet objects AVCOV and BVCOV they will show up in fault (orange).  What causes this?


I/A Series R2 (Niagara)


BACnet objects AVCOV and BVCOV are used to share data peer to peer between MNB-1000's, MNB-300's, MNB-70's, MNB-V1 and MNB-V2's controllers.  If these objects have yet to be linked to anything with Link Builder they will display in fault (orange) at the UNC.


Go to Link Builder and link these objects to the desired objects in the other controller(s).  Once the link is established the fault will go away and the AVCOV or BVCOV objects at the UNC will display the value being passed.

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