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BACnet services supported on the AS and ES Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)


What Bacnet services and Bacnet object types are supported in the AS and ES?


  • StruxureWare Building Operation Automation Server
  • StruxureWare Building Operation Enterprise Server
  • BACnet IP
  • BACnet MSTP


PIC statement for supported services and objecttypes in StruxureWare Building Operation.


Page 5 of the AS Bacnet PIC shows the columns of the different types of Bacnet devices. Whether it’s a B-OWS or a B-BC etc… the x’s in the columns show the required services for each particular device according to the Bacnet Standard. The last green column in the PIC, show the Product Conformance (AS) and what services the AS supports.

For instance COV is not a required service, but a optional one and is selected in the last column.

Below are links to the AS and ES Bacnet PIC

AS PIC statement link

ES PIC statement link

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