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BAS2800+ - Can a UNC 532 outstation be configured to use a modem and BAS 2800+ Terminal?


Configuring a UNC 532 outstation.


BAS 2800+


UNC 532




When configuring a UNC 532 outstation to use a modem, it may not be possible to connect a BAS 2800+ terminal as well.


The UNC 532 has a limited port configuration as it's comms UARTS are shared, and therefore it cannot have a modem and a  BAS 2800+ terminal configured together if the controller is communicating via the lan connection.

If the controller is operating as part of a network, i.e. via the lan, then channel 3 cannot be used. The screen shot below shows how the comms UARTS are shared. Please note that PL3 is Port 3 and PL4 is Port 2 in the Node configuration window.

If the UNC 532 is being used in a stand alone configuration, then the configurations below are possible.

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