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BCX 4040 BBMD Broadcast Table List


Verification of BBMD broadcast table list





Where is the location of BBMD broadcast table list.


1. Open the bCX webpage.

2. If the bCX is setup as a BBMD, the webpage will have a button marked "BBMD Configuration". Click it.

3. The BBMD Configuration page lists the IP address, broadcast mask, and network port for each BBMD that the bCX knows of.

4. After a successful "Save All To Flash" has been executed from the BBMD Configuration webpage the "Saved" buttons will be checked off.

5. After a "Teach" has been executed from the BBMD Configuration webpage, the Teach Results webpage will be displayed.

6. If there is an entry in the BBMD Configuration webpage that has a "rejected" status on the Teach Results webpage, either continue to troubleshoot until the teach is successful or remove that entry from the BBMD Configuration webpage.

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