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BCX, CX, ACX controllers go offline when doing the "teach" procedure (during the reload process or not) then go back online.


  1. In some situations, netcontrollers including BCX,CX, and ACX controllers will go offline when doing "teach" and then go back online after a couple of minutes.
  2. When reloading the controller, during the period of "teach", controllers go offline.
  3. Controller is online with Cyberstation but goes offline during the reload, reloading by class (Numerics, inputs etc) works fine.


  • Cyberstation 1.90~1.93
  • Windows XP sp3, Windows 7 professional.


1. Some offline cyberstation has same IP address or Network ID as the cyberstation which you are doing the "teach"

2. Also caused by Cyberstation configured for DHCP instead of static ip address



Get rid off the offline cyberstation in the system, or modify ID address and Network ID of your cyberstation. Restart Continuum


Assign static IP address to the Cyberstation.

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