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BCX1 goes offline when reloading the controller


There are many BCX1 on the site. All of the BCX1s go offline when reloading the controller.


  • BCX1-CR
  • B3
  • Continuum


Checking the system configuration and programming. The reasons listed below may cause significant traffic on the network.

  • A lot of Polling value of points across controllers
  • COV increment is set to zero
  • Check all the numeric points' setpoint attribute including Runtime, DamperPosition, etc. as these change all the time.
  • Points under b3 controllers are referenced by more than 32 devices.
  • Device in the BACnet Device folder doesn't match the controller in infinity side.(Not deleted device from BACnet folder after replace the controller)
  • When the special trunk with low quality cable  connect to BLink also cause this issue. Remove the problem trunk, the issue will be  gone

When the heavy traffic happens on the network or some other issues , it will cause unexpected issues.


  1. Change the programs way, create a program in the BCX1 to mirror the referenced points in b3s
  2. Uncheck the setpoint attribute of all numerics except  temperature setpoint.
  3. Change the polling program flow type from looping to fall thru and trigger every minute or trigger by other digital point.
  4. Set the COV increments to a non-zero value
  5. After device replacement, delete the device from BACnet Device folder and find new BACnet device again, then send to database
  6. Remove the problem trunk from Blink or try to change the terminal resistor will  resolve this issue

 After the steps above are done, the network should be stable and the BCX1 will no longer go offline when reloading.

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