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Backup of StruxureWare/EcoStruxure Building Operation AS and ES


Steps to backup within StruxureWare/EcoStruxure Building Operation

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EcoStruxure Building Operation


StruxureWare/EcoStruxure Building Operation site with AS and/or ES

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Must an AS or ES be stopped in order to do a full backup? Is a raw copy of the database folder from within Windows Explorer sufficient for backing up an ES? 

For instructions on how to restore a backup in StruxureWare/EcoStruxure Building Operation, see How to restore a StruxureWare Building Operation server backup set.


Concerning the backup and comparing SQL to the proprietary database that StruxureWare/EcoStruxure creates begs the question, are these backup complete?

StruxureWare freezes the database while a backup is in progress in different ways. For configuration changes, StruxureWare Building Operation queues up the changes until the backup completes. For historical data, StruxureWare Building Operation buffers the data based on the limits of the buffer size.

A stop of the ES is not necessary, nor is a stop of an AS. Because of this freeze and buffering, the data is put into that backup folder referenced in the pdf you sent.

Three rules to remember:

  1. Restores of backups must be same software revision
  2. Do not rename the backup set
  • A StruxureWare/EcoStruxure Building Operation backup should not be renamed after it has been created.
  • When creating a backup, give the appropriate prefix to the standard name format.



  • The backup file will be shown as below.
  • Should the backup name need to changed, then either create a new backup, or, zip up the backup using the new name.


  1. Backups default to every Sunday morning 1:00am

Here is the procedure for backing up an AS or ES:

  1. In Workstation, in the System Tree pane, select an Automation Server (AS) or Enterprise Server (ES)
  2. On the Actions menu, click Backup. This opens the Backup Options window
  3. In the Include column, select the servers that you want to include in the backup
  4. In the Backup content column, select the type of data you want to backup for each server:
    • Select All Data to back up both the historical and configuration databases. This combined option protects the configuration, historical data, and custom object type data for a specified date and time
    • Select Configuration only to back up the configuration database and custom object type data. This data option protects the configuration data for a specified date and time
  5. In the Backup set description column, type a brief description up to 255 characters to help identify the content of the backup
  6. Click Backup
  7. Verify that each backup succeeded and click Close

Backup Files of ES: The backup data files are stored in the

C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric StruxureWare\Building Operation 1.X\Enterprise Server\db_backup\LocalBackup or 

C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric EcoStruxure\Building Operation 2.X\Enterprise Server\db_backup\LocalBackup

Backup Files of AS: Login to AS from WorkStation and navigate to System > Backup and Restore > Backup sets> Local. Then Right-click on the backup file and Save To... (then select a folder on your HDD)

Note: Let this not be confused with the 'Starting a Project Tutorial [101248].pdf' in section 5.1 page 44, where it describes the user simply doing a raw copy of the database folder from within Windows Explorer. This can be mistaken with the orderly backup that uses the inbuilt StruxureWare backup facility. This copy procedure described has no chance to freeze the database. The user can just do it at any random time and StruxureWare has no idea that the copy has been made.

A sample database should be created using the Backup/Restore functions of the system, not by just doing a raw folder copy as the server may be in the middle of transactions to various files in that folder.

A copy of this folder could be used, but only while the SE.EnterpriseServer.exe process has been stopped. However, it is recommend using the system’s backup facility to accomplish this (Not all items are backed up such as Alarm data. The Backup/Restore help section of StruxureWare Building Operation Guide discusses what is and isn’t backed up).

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