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Bacnet and StruxureWare Building Operation Central IO points


Depicting the differences between Bacnet points and Central IO points.


SmartStruxure 1.3 and lower


Explanation of difference in points


Creating Central IO points

  • When you create inputs and outputs in a non-BACnet SmartStruxure system, you simply create the inputs and outputs and then provide programming to control the Requested value. Trends, alarms and graphics would monitor the value property.
  • In a BACnet SmartStruxure system, the inputs and outputs are created under the IO Module in the same way; however an additional point is created in the Application folder under the BACnet Interface Device. On the property page of that point is a field designating the “Associated Value”. You should browse to the appropriate CIO point and select it. At this point all monitoring, display and control of the object should be accomplished with the BACnet point. (It is also possible to make the link between the associated value and the IO value by using the binding tool.)
  • There is no other binding necessary to make the link between the CIO point and the BACnet “proxy” that is created in the application folder.

For SmartStruxure versions prior to 1.4 please see the attached document for some implications and proper method of operation for using the IO associated value property.

Click Here

For SmartStruxure 1.4 and above see Article #14934

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