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Badge printer is printing blank credentials.


Badge printer is printing blank credentials.


  • EPI Builder
  • CyberStation
  • Personnel
  • Credentials
  • Access Cards


This site has two card printers called BadgePrinter_1 and BadgePrinter_2.

When the first badging workstation is busy printing badges on the default badge printer BadgePrinter_1, the second badging workstation has to use BadgePrinter_2. 

When the printer selection is changed, the printer selected in EPI Builders Page Setup becomes BadgePrinter_2.

When Windows asks the user if they want to save these settings, the Page Layout will retain BadgePrinter_2 in it's configuration. 

This becomes a problem when subsequent badges are printed to the default printer BadgePrinter_1 since the page setup is set to print the badge to BadgePrinter_2.


Either the printer settings must be managed more deliberately, or different default badge printers must be dedicated to each badge printing workstation.

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