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Battery Back up for DPUs


Battery Back up for DPUs


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Information concerning the Battery Back up for DPUs


Whenever a DPU battery is being replaced, it should be with the same 4V Yuasa battery that the boards came with or supplied from TAC. The reason for this is that we know what the amount of current is drawn from the circuitry to power up or charge these batteries after a power loss has occurred and the battery has discharged.

If the batteries are replaced by larger ones, then the internal circuitry now has to compensate for that extra amount of current being drawn. In so doing, it will result in unforeseeable problems.

Based on the amount of DPUs that are being powered by a Transformer, it is not recommended to have more than 4 DPUs per one Power supply if it is being shared. Ideally each DPU should have its own Transformer but there are instances where it can be shared, based on the VA of the transformer.

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