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Binding SNVT (Standard Network Variable Type) to AS-L


Binding SNVT to AS-L 


StruxureWare Building Operation AS-L site


About the SNVT, when one binds a SNVT from the AS-L to the LNS network (nvo in AS-L), the AS-L doesn't propagate the value on the LON network. But, when binding a SNVT from the LNS to AS-L (nvi in AS-L) and when one changes the value, the AS-L receives it well and then can use the value in AS-L.


The problem is that we “own the world” that is StruxureWare Building Operation owns the AS and Local Node, so we don’t know that we need to propagate something to someone.

This really falls under design issues. A local node is typically only available for LNS network management tools and front ends. It seems this is not the design of the device to be used in another LNS network management tool since StruxureWare Building Operation and the AS-L is a LNS network management tool. Using two different tools complicates systems greatly since there should be only one.

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