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Bioscrypt L1 Reader


Getting a Bad Card Parity error in the Live Event Viewer when using a valid finger.


All versions of Continuum.


The bit parity settings on the device was was inverted and needed to be changed. (SecureAdmin Software)


To resolve this issue, the following steps needs to be followed:

  1. In Device Settings select the reader causing the errors.
  2. In the Weigand settings tab press the Custom Weigand Settings button.
  3. Then press the edit button on the custom format (Weigand 26 in this case). The Weigand Format window opens.
  4. For Weigand26 the parity mask is supposed to be Even for the first half and Odd for the second half. Somehow that was inverted.
  5. Change the Bit Position 0 mask to Even, apply and make sure the parity mask field updates.
  6. Change the Bit position 25 mask to Odd, again making sure the Parity Mask field updates. Apply the changes.
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