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Bulk Lua4RC upload via BACnet (Mass upload)


How can I upload the same Lua script to multiple Room Controllers at the same time


Automation Server

SE8xxx Room controller
SE8000 Series
SE8600, SE8300, SE8350
Viconics branding VT8000 Series


Alternative method from uploading the script on each of the room controllers using a USB cable


To upload a script to multiple Room Controllers, follow the below steps: (This procedure assumes the BACnet MSTP network is already setup)

1 - Log into Building Operation Workstation

2 - Right click on MSTP network and click "Search"


3 - Search for "Lua program 1" or any other Lua program object


4 - Highlight all the Room Controllers that the script will be transferred to then click on the "show/hide property grid" button.


5 - Expand the "Basic" tab and copy the Lua script in the "Description" field then click save.


6 - The script will be uploaded to each of the Room Controllers one at a time and will be played automatically.


Recommendations & Limitations:

- Each Lua Program can take up to 460 bytes of text (per script). (Total of 10 Lua programs)

- Script must be placed on a single line. Use semicolons ( ; ) as carriage return

- Use multiple lua programs if the 460 bytes limit is exceeded

- Encapsulate logic inside the following if statement if the logic is intended to run once:

if not init then

   ---Script logic here

   init = true




For general information about Lua programming for SE8000 Room Controllers, refer to the following guide:

Custom Programming Guide for SE8000 Series Room Controllers - Application Guide

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