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Buttons on an I/STAT or M/STAT are not working on a Xenta 102-AX


An I/STAT or M/STAT plugged into a Xenta 102-AX will display the room temperature but it is not possible to enter service mode -- none of the buttons do anything.


  • Xenta 102-AX
  • M/STAT
  • I/STAT


There are different versions of the I/STAT and M/STAT for the Xenta and I/NET product lines.


  • For use with a Xenta 102-AX, use an I/STAT-A or M/STAT-A
  • For use with an I/NET MR-VAV-AX use either an I/STAT or I/STAT-A, or M/STAT or M/STAT-A
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