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CSC 5 Series Climatronic Compensator Controller Battery missing when Controller supplied.


CSC 5 Series Climatronic Compensator Controller Battery missing when Controller supplied.


CSC 5 Series Climatronic Compensator Controllers.


CSC 5 Series Climatronic Compensator Controllers - not all specifications require a Battery to be fitted. 

CSC 5252 Climatronic Compensator Controller - has no Clock and therefore requires no Battery to be fitted.

CSC 5352 Climatronic Compensator Controller - has a Clock and therefore requires a Battery to be fitted.

CSC 5352 Climatronic Compensator Controller - Battery should be packed with Controller when new.

The Battery (3.6V Lithium AA) is required to power the Clock whilst the Controller is powered OFF for a period of typically 1 year of continuous use.

The typical shelf life of the Battery is 10 years.


If CSC 5252 Climatronic Compensator Controller is to be installed then no Battery is required.

If CSC 5352 Climatronic Compensator Controller is to be installed then Battery should be fitted.

If CSC 5352 Climatronic Compensator Controller Battery is not packed with Controller then its absence should be reported to the supplier.

Please check the catalog for current equipment

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