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CX9400 Eclipse; no communications troubleshooting


Following a power spike the controller keeps going on/offline. Ethernet TD & RD LED's flashing erratically.


CX9400 Eclipse



CPU card damaged by the mains supply power spike.


  1. If no LED's are lit on the CPU then it is likely that the PSU is faulty or a fuse blown, Replace fuse or return PSU for repair.
  2. If the CPU and IO modules have power then it is likely to have damaged the CPU card, test with a replacement card and if this fixes the problem return the faulty card for repair.
  3. If problem persists problem could be with the IO cards, disconnect the external IO connections to eliminate any issues from the field wiring, sensors, actuators. Then start unplugging the IO cards to determine if one of those are faulty causing the communications problem.
  4. If this does not resolve the issue, and the PSU has not been replaced it could still be damaged/ overheating from the power spike, test with a replacement PSU.
  5. Lastly if all else fails return the complete unit for repair where the Backplane, PSU, CPU and IO modules can all be tested together.

As the product is now obsolete, if it can not be repaired it will need to be replaced by a combination of Netcontroller 2 and IO modules, but check the compatibility matrix to ensure the Cyberstation version is compatible.

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