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Calendar does not work in Seven Reports


Running a Seven Report using the Calendar feature and it does not pull up any data when the report runs.


I/NET Seven revision 2.31 and higher.


Opening and running a Seven Report that uses the Calendar to define the date range feature for data after entering the values and nothing happens.


To resolve this issue, the following steps need to be implemented:

  1. Close I/NET and I/O Server,
  2. Open up Windows Explorer and select the original CD,
  3. Open up the Support Folder and expand it.
  4. Select the CR-XI folder and run the SetupCrystalReportsXI.exe.
  5. Once completed , go back into the folder again and run the Post CRSetup.exe.
  6. Once this is completed, restart I/Net and I/O Server again.
  7. Open up Seven Reports again and run the associated report.
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