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Can Cyberstation be translated to a different language?


Is there a way to translate Cyberstation to a language other that English and use different SQL collation sequences and code page?


Cyberstation with SQL Code Page 850 1.x Strict compatibility


Standard Cyberstation installation installs the SQL using Code Page 850 1.x Strict compatibility.


The link below is to the Language Translation support guides, these detail how to translate the Continuum Cyberstation user interface to a different language. It also details in Chapter 3 how you can use a different SQL sort order, this would allow the use of different character sets for use in personnel names

Language Translation Support Guide V1.81

Language Translation Support Guide V1.94

Also, there is an additional Continuum Language Support document available in MSWord format Here. For Arabic specifically, additional MSWord Document Here

There are freelancers who could be of assistance to help your site. and are two sites with potential low cost translators.

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