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Can DSL be used with Continuum controllers?


If remote buildings have an internet connection using DSL, will this configuration work with Continuum controllers?

Are there any known issues?

Is the connection fast enough?


Netcontroller 9680

Netcontroller 99xx


ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line)


Buildings in remote areas may use DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) to access Netcontrollers instead of a corporate LAN.


Netcontrollers can be used with a DSL connection. Two things to keep in mind when implementing this configuration are:

  1. Do not employ NAT(Network Address Translation) of any kind. Continuum requires a static IP. This can be requested from the ISP(Internet Service Provider) of the DSL line.
  2. All network ports required for Continuum operation will need to be opened. See Lessons Learned Article #2573 for this information.

DSL speeds are typically fast enough to not cause connection issues.

Note: Where DSL lines have equal up and download speeds, ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) have upload speeds that may be 100 x slower that the download speed, typically 128K maximum and are unlikely to provide a reliable network connection.

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