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Can Third Party converters be used to extend Infinet over Ethernet or phone lines?


3rd Party RS485 to Ethernet or other connection types are available, will they work with Infinet?


Infinet networks

Infilink 200, Infilink 210


Sometimes existing cabling is available on a site, using this could reduce install costs.


Third party converters and extenders are not supported on Infinet networks.

It is not possible to use most 3rd party devices as the latency (delay) times will be too long for the protocol to operate correctly. This will include RS485 - Ethernet converters, RS485 Tied line Modems or any other types of Modem, also any GSM packet modems or other RF devices.

See Lessons Learned Article #8380 for details on extending the Infinet with an Infilink 200, or an Infilink 210 can be used to extend the network over fiber cables.

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