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Can a DMS-350A controller replace a DMS-35 controller?


Can a DMS-350A controller replace a DMS-35 controller?




DMS-35 has failed and customer has a spare DMS-350A from a previous retrofit.


Yes, it is possible.

To replace a DMS-35 with a DMS-350A, ensure that at least one DCM is included (the MicroSmart controllers connect to the DCM and the DCM connects to the DMS-350A).

Ensure the firmware level in the DMS-350A & DCM is the same (or higher) than the MicroSmart controllers.  For example, if the MicroSmart controllers are revision 10.x, then the DMS-350A & DCM must be revision 10.x or 11.x.

The DMS-35 database will not install directly into a DMS-350A because of the DCM.  The points in the MicroSmart controllers will have to be re-linked thereby creating a new database.

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