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Can a JACE-NXS installed with Niagara R2 be re-imaged with Niagara G3?


Customer has a Niagara R2 JACE-NXS (part # TRD-JACE-NXS-R2).  Can it be re-imaged with Niagara G3?


Niagara R2

Niagara G3


Site was converted to Niagara G3 and the JACE-NXS is an expensive model that the customer would like to re-use on his G3 network.


Since the JACE-NXS is a Tridium product, this request must be done through them.

They must be contacted with each request since this service is no longer 'advertised' as being available.

Send an email to and quote part number JACE-REIMAGE.

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