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Can a LON PCC-10 PCMCIA card work in a laptop with an express card slot?


Laptops are now being supplied with an express card slot instead of a PCMCIA card slot.

The LON PCC-10 cards are PCMCIA cards and will not fit in an express card slot.


Using the Lon PCC-10 Card in a laptop that has an express card slot and not a PCMCIA card slot.


The latest laptops are being supplied with express card slots.
The option of a PCMCIA card slot is becoming harder to specify.


Although the slot in the laptop appears to be the same as a PCMCIA card, the Express card slot differs in many ways to the PCMCIA slot the PCC-10 card requires.

Express card slot to PCMCIA card converters are available but not all support the PCC-10 card.
Some express card to PCMCIA card converters only support 32 bit PCMCIA cards.
The PCC-10 is a 16 bit card.

We have carried out basic testing on a express card to PCMCIA card converter with a LON PCC10 card from Roalan Ltd.
You can purchase the EC1632 converter direct from Roalan Ltd. website by credit card through the Sagepay secure web server. Alternatively, you can phone your order to +44 (0)1202 861512 or fax it to +44 (0)1202 891454.

The product is plug and play on Windows Vista and Windows 7 with a downloadable utility for Windows XP.(only required on some computers, it was not required on the Dell E6420 when testing the card)
You can download the utility from here or from Roalan's website.
Further information on the converter is available on Roalan's website.
Click here if you would like to download the installation instructions.

The card should be plug and play. If your PCC-10 card does not work when using the express card converter, check the PCC-10 card installation using   under the control panel.
If the card is not working correctly review Lessons Learned Article #3992.

If you need to order a LON PCC10,PCMCIA card, they are available through Schneider Electric specification number WPA-LON-2.

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