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Can a Niagara G3 ENC license be branded as "open" so that any Tridium integrator can access it with their own copy of Workbench?


A jobsite has several ENCs installed each doing a LON integration and a Schneider-Electric legacy integration (like ASD, GCM, DMS, or MS).  Any ENC is currently licensed with the following filter:"TAC".  This only allows copies of Workbench branded as "TAC" to connect with it and perform tasks like data extraction and logic programming.

Can an ENC's brand filter of "TAC" be changed to "*" to allow any company's copy of Workbench to access it?


Niagara G3 ENC-410, ENC-520


Sites may contain equipment from two Tridium integrators and the end customer wants one copy of Workbench to work with all equipment.

A performance contracting company may also be Tridium integrators and want access to the ENCs with their own copy of Workbench.


Typically, if the ENC does not have a Schneider-Electric legacy integration, an open branding of the license is allowable.

However, for all requests to open brand a Niagara G3 license, contact Schneider-Electric's Regional Sales Manager (customer care can provide the contact name for your office)

If this is a new order, an open branding of the license can be requested directly on the license order form.  See Lessons Learned Article #5605 for details.

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