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Can a Visio 2013 installation be downgraded so that the WorkPlace Tech Tool software can be used on that computer?


Customer has a Microsoft Office site license for the 2013 version of the Microsoft Office Suite of software.  How can they get and install a copy of Visio 2010 for use with the current version of the WorkPlace Tech Tool software?


WorkPlace Tech Tool software version 5.7.x or 5.8.x

Visio 2013 installed by customer's IT department


Microsoft sells only the current version of their software products but allow some specific classes of users to install and use earlier versions of the software product.


According to the Microsoft document "Microsoft Volume Licensing Product Use Rights (Worldwide English, April 2013)", the following conditions apply: 

On page 9, "General License Terms", the following statement is shown:

 Page 20 of the same document makes the following statements regarding the "Product-Specific License Terms" noted the "Rights..." paragraph, above:

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