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Can a revision 11 MicroSmart controller be installed with a revision 10 database?


A MSC-MPC MicroSmart controller (revision 10) was replaced with the only available MSC-MPC on-site.  The replacement is a revision 11 controller.  Will a backup copy of the database from the revision 10 controller work in the revision 11 controller?







No available revision 10 controllers


Yes, the revision 10 database will work in the revision 11 controller.  OPRIF (the DMS-MicroSmart) programming tool) will prompt the user with a warning that the database file is not for the revision 11 controller.  Go ahead and continue with the download.

Once complete, the unit displays in the MicroSmart controller may show up blank in OPRIF but the points are there and working.  Use the Point Configuration screen to scroll through all the points.  The only way to correct this display issue is to re-create each point from scratch which is time-consuming.  All the MicroSmart points linked to the DMS will restore properly.  So, from the DMS level, all the points will work normally and display normally.

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