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Can an offline controller be flash upgraded?


A network level controller is shown offline. Can a flash upgrade (Update OS) be done to it?



ACX5720 ACX5740




A bCX needed a flash upgrade but was offline in CyberStation. How can we update the OS?


The Update OS function can sometimes be completed even if the controller indicates that it is offline.

If you cannot ping it from CyberStation, it will not likely be able to be upgraded in its current state and may require returning for repair.

But if you can ping it, try doing the Update OS.

Follow the progress in the Distribution window. If it completes, the controller will likely come back online a few minutes after the update is complete

Completing this "Blind Update OS" can often restore to normal operation a controller that has its Operating System corrupted not allowing the Web page to be accessed, as long as you know the ACCNet ID and IP address (a reset IP can be performed) this process may be attempted.

If after a full cold restart and at least 2 attempts to flash the controller fail, then the controller may need to be returned for Repair.

Some possible causes of this problem are listed in Lessons Learned #11152.

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