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Can b3 devices be configured using a third party BACnet system?


Site has a third party BACnet router and B-OWS, want to connect brand new b3s on the MSTP of the BACnet router and configure an application in the b3s using the third party B-OWS.



Third party BACnet system




Configuring a new b3s using a BAcnet system other than Continuum or SmartStruxure is NOT supported.

1. Brand new b3s are shipped from the factory without a valid master MAC id, which means the b3 will not participate on MSTP communications until it has been assigned a valid mac id via proprietary LEARN mechanism.

2. b3s do not support dynamic object creation of IO points or programs which can only be created using Schneider Electric's Continuum or SmartStruxure BACnet BMS.

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