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Can external inputs (momentary switches or other momentary device such as a proximity detector) of LO-2 be configured as a regular inputs of the LO-2 module, and can it be used a...


Wants to have LO-2 with external momentary input switch works with schedule object of Continuum. Such as, when the input is ON and the schedule is ON then the PE program turns the lighting output to ON.


NetController(CX99xx & CX9680)

IOU module (LO-2)


LO-2 provides 2 inputs (the 2 Class II Low Voltage override inputs) for direct control of lighting relays but no input signals are not available on LO-2 or NetController. 


Use other input IOU modules such as UI8 or DI8 for the lighting control switch input, and create a PE program to check the input together with the schedule numeric value before turning the lighting control output value to ON or OFF.

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