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Can more than one Room Temperature Sensor be connected to a MicroFlo II?


Can more than one Room Temperature Sensor be connected to a MicroFlo II?


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Every MicroFlo II is designed for only one Room Temperature Sensor.
The only supported configuration is one Room Temperature Sensor for up to four MicroFlo II controllers (see below).

TAC Hardware Installation Practices

Communication/Sensor wiring for up to 4 TAC Microflo lls sharing a single Room Temperature Sensor.

Room sensor includes a 11K ohm resistor and setpoint with ASD communications. Do not add another 11K ohm resistor when installing.

  • The ASD communication wiring MUST be isolated from the sensor/setpoint wiring. Use separate shielded cables for each.
  • Connect the SHIELD DRAIN wire to the SHLD or GND terminal at the controller.
  • If a ground is available at the room sensor, connect the DRAIN wire to ground. If a ground is not available, tape the DRAIN wire back at the external device only.
  • A 120 ohms resistor (part number 40-1758) must be installed across the ASD terminals at each end-of-line (EOL).
  • Total overall wire length between TAC MICROFLO lls and the room sensor MUST not exceed maximum distance specified.
  • Set each address switch to uniquely identify each TAC MICROFLO II controller (refer to the job drawings).
  • Set the MASTER/SLAVE jumper pins to the correct position (factory shipped as MASTER units).


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