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Can multiple Modbus TCP/IP XDrivers be installed on a single 2nd Generation NetController ?


Does a single controller (2nd generation controllers such as NC2 and bCX) support two(2) Modbus TCP/IP xDrivers on two(2) different comm ports?   


Modbus TCP/IP


NC2 (CX9680)



Need to have Modbus TCP/IP interface with 3rd party devices for both Server mode (Slave mode) and Client mode (Master mode). 


You can have only one Modbus TCP/IP XDriver on a Controller(NC2 or bCX). 

In order to have Modbus TCP/IP XDriver for both Server mode and Client mode, there should be two different CX controllers, and  different mode of Modbus TCP/IP XDriver should be installed and configured on different controller.


Note: This also includes any IP XDrivers. You can only enable one IP XDriver per Controller. (Ex. You can not enable a BACnet IP XDriver on one comm port and a Modbus IP XDriver on another, you would need two Controllers for this - one IP XDriver on each)

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