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Can not edit time schedules (time objects) in TAC Xenta Server


Can not edit time schedules (time objects, TSCHI, time object page) in TAC Xenta Server

Changes in time objects doesn't get saved

No times shown in time object  (no schedules shown in time object)


TAC Xenta Server 731, TAC Vista Server 721, TAC Vista Server 711, TAC Xenta Server 701


If there are a time object (time schedule) that has an corrupt definition all following schedules will not work. We suspect that the corruption comes from a upgrade.


To check for corrupt schedules

  1. Log in to the TAC Xenta Server
  2. Go to Configuration-time objects-View definition.

Here is an example of a correct definition and a incorrect definition of the same schedule

Once you have identified any definition that looks suspect open Xbuilder

  1. Edit the time object that contains the definitions
  2. Right click and select "Show events"
  3. Take a note of the times you want to keep
  4. Delete all schedules
  5. Close the schedule editor
  6. Edit the time object again and add back the schedules
  7. Download the project again.
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