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Can not see BACnet IP XDriver points in the BACnet view


After doing a "Find new BACnet" devices (or device discovery) none of the BACnet IP X Driver points can be found.


BACnet IP X-Driver

As used in ACX5740, ACX5720, NC2 (Netcontroller II) to map data between Continuum points and BACnet.


The X Driver has 2 modes of operation: Client mode or Server mode, points can only be viewed externally in Server mode.


When using the BACnet IP XDriver you must always first create a Device Self object point as a type 200, this will define the parameters for the BACnet device itself.
This allows the device itself to be found in the BACnet view of any BACnet Operator Workstation.

For points with type 0 (BACnet Client), these are not seen in the BACnet view as they are Continuum points that have the BACnet data mapped into them for use within Continuum.

For points to be seen in the BACnet view they have to be Type 1 or 2 in a BACnet Server mode.

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