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Can the B&B Electronics Converter Model # 485OT9L be used to connect PSI 4.1 to a Network 8000 Microzone II?


Aside from the recommended models from B&B Electronics, can Model # 485OT9L be configured to work with PSI 4.1?


PSI 4.1

Network 8000 ASD devices (Microzone II, MicroFlo II)


On a jobsite and the only model available is the 485OT9L.


It can work by using the following settings for the on-board configuration switches:

Switches 1-4:  19200 baud (SW1=off, SW2=off, SW3=on, SW4=off)
Switch 5:  Echo off (SW5=off)
Switch 6:  Half-duplex (SW6=on)
Switch 7:  Half-duplex (SW7=on)
Switch 8:  Term Resistance (SW8=off)

Jumper 1:  JP1=SD

Note:  Model # 485OT9L was discontinued by B&B Electronics in Sept. 2011

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