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Can the I/A Series G3 Platform Diagnostic log files be downloaded?


When accessing the Platform Diagnostics information from the Station Spy in a I/A Series G3 station, the log, log1 and log2 system log files can be displayed but not directly downloaded.  How can these log files be downloaded?


I/A Series G3 ENC


Needs to be able to download the log files so that they may be emailed for analysis.


These log files and the other diagnostic files displayed through the Station Spy platform diagnostics can be displayed or downloaded by accessing them through the web browser, as follows.

  1. Connect to the station at the address "http://:3011/qnx.
  2. When prompted, log in using the hardware user name and password.
  3. To display the specific diagnostic information in the web browser, double click the entry.
  4. To download specific diagnostic information, such as log1, right-click the entry and select "Save Target as" (in Internet Explorer) or "Save Link as" (in Firefox), then select the location and specify the name where the file is to be saved.
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