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Can the SQL Compatibility Level setting of the Continuum SQL database be changed from the default of 80?


The Continuum database is created with SQL Compatibility Level 80 (SQL 2000) instead of 100 (SQL 2008). Can this be changed?



SQL Server


The Continuum database is created with a Compatibility Level of 80. This is the default level of SQL 2000. SQL 2008 has a default setting of 100 but Continuum database is still created with a Compatibility Level of 80 even using SQL 2008. Can this setting be changed? 


Continuum SQL installations have always used SQL2000 Version 80 compatibility and are only tested using this configuration, SQL2005 Version 90 or SQL2008 Version 100 configurations are untested in releases up to V1.93.  Compatibility level 100 has been tested in version 1.94, and is supported.

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