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Can the XPSI/PSI software be directly connected to the ASD bus under an ENC-520?


The XPSI/PSI software can be used to manage & program ASD devices under a GCM.  Is it possible to configure the station running on an ENC to allow the PSI software to be directly connected to the ASD bus under the ENC?


ENC-520 with system software including the tacASD driver


The PSI software will not properly communicate properly with the devices on an ASD bus network if there is a GCM, UNC-520 or ENC-520 on the same bus unless the PSI software is configured in the "PSI under GCM" mode and the parent controller is configured to recognize the PSI software.


The ENC-520 station database can be configured to support the simultaneous use of the PSI software on the ASD bus.

To configure the station for use with the PSI software, the PSI object must be copied from the tacASD palette into the ASDNetwork container of the ENC station database.  No configuration of the object is required for proper operation.

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