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Can the second Ethernet port on the MNB-1000 be used for diagnostics now that the MNB-1000 Ethernet ports have been locked down.


Cannot ping the MNB-1000 to test network connectivity.  Looking for an alternative method of network diagnostics, possibly by use of the second Ethernet port on the MNB-1000.


MNB-1000 (firmware 1.510 and later)

Also can be used, but not required, with earlier firmware versions.


All Ethernet functions except for BACnet UDP messaging and router management functions has been disabled in the MNB-1000 firmware versions 1.510 and newer.  This prevents the use of Ethernet ICMP messaging (PING command, etc.) for diagnosing the Ethernet connection to the MNB-1000 controller.


A computer can be plugged into the second (lower) Ethernet port on the MNB-1000 to allow network troubleshooting, device configuration and programming.  Plugging in a computer into the second port and assigning it an address on the same subnet as the MNB-1000, you can then ping other devices on the network to verify outgoing network connectivity.  Since the ICMP messaging has been disabled in the MNB-1000 itself, you can also ping the computer on port 2 from other computers on the Ethernet network to verify incoming connectivity. 

NOTE: When performing troubleshooting in this manner, you need to remember that the MNB-1000 itself still will not respond to PING commands but will pass the ping commands and all other Ethernet or IP messages through to the second ethernet port. 

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